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We’re raising $150 million for financial aid. Here’s why.

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Launched in the 2019-20 academic year, The Rice Investment greatly expands support for low- and middle-income families, eliminating tuition for many talented students. Endowed undergraduate scholarships are critical to sustaining this financial aid initiative in perpetuity.

Our Goal

$150 million

in financial aid endowments by June 2025

Thanks to the generosity of Rice trustees and other donors, we are making steady progress toward our goal, but we will need the full support of the Rice community if we are to lead the way in providing access and opportunity to all talented students.

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Graduating students

In Dec. 2021, Rice University announced an expansion to The Rice Investment, strengthening its commitment to loan-free financial aid:

Full Tuition
Degree-seeking undergraduate students whose families earn less than $75,000* will receive grants that fully cover tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board.
Full Tuition
Students whose families earn between between $75,000 and $140,000* will receive at least a full-tuition scholarship.
Half Tuition
Students whose families earn between between $140,000 and $200,000* will receive at least a half-tuition scholarship.
No need to borrow
All students who qualify for need-based aid will receive financial aid without taking out student loans.

*With typical assets

This is the future of affordability. With your support, we will boldly invest in our talented young Owls who, prepared with a Rice education, will move the world forward.

Gifts that provide permanent impact

The Rice Investment empowers the most talented students to choose Rice based on their ability to excel, not their ability to pay. Endowed undergraduate scholarships are critical to meeting this need, enabling donors to establish a source of scholarship support for students in perpetuity and to solidify their personal connection to Rice. The Rice endowment pool includes nearly 500 need-based scholarship funds that benefit undergraduate students, but we need to build on this foundational support to sustain The Rice Investment.

The table on the right demonstrates the exponential growth of a scholarship endowment over the past 50 years.

Rice Endowment 101 FY21 Endowment Report

For more information about endowments, contact Development and Alumni Relations at stewardship@rice.edu or 713-348-4383.

Endowment table

The Rice Investment is a bold step toward making an extraordinary education affordable to talented students from all walks of life. We talked with students, parents, alumni and donors to better understand the challenges of affordability and to explore how substantial scholarship support can impact the lives and choices of students and families.

Rice’s future is stronger with you. Discover how you can help.

Name an endowed scholarship

Rice’s commitment to affordability relies upon a long-standing tradition of scholarship endowments created by dedicated alumni and friends. Establish your own legacy at Rice and help us to build a future of accessibility and opportunity.

Establish a named, endowed scholarship (minimum of $100,000, payable over 1-5 years), or contribute to an existing endowment. You can explore our endowment resources or contact us at 713-348-4600 or giving@rice.edu to discuss how you can make an impact.

Our team can also structure a gift planning vehicle to fund a significant commitment to The Rice Investment. Contact the office of Gift Planning at giftplan@rice.edu to explore options.

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